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lawn-mowing-serviceYou may have never given much thought to the specific tasks your lawn mowing service should do when taking care of your yard. Look out for certain things when you have hired someone for turf maintenance, and make sure they understand your needs as they relate to your lawn. The company’s qualifications should be the first thing you examine. Owners and employees of a lawn mowing service should have the proper training and certifications. Communicating clearly with these people should give you the results you want when you look at your lawn.

After you have checked the qualifications and training of a lawn mowing service, you should find out how they plan to take care of your grass. Maybe you expect them to only mow. If they offer a package of care tasks (such as mowing and trimming the grass from the edge of your yard), make sure to check that they perform the tasks they say they will. You need to learn a little bit about lawn care to make sure that your service does not do damage to your grass. They should not cut it too short. They should let clippings lie unless they are excessive. Mulching the clippings is a healthy way to deliver nutrients to your turf.

Another thing to consider is the experience they bring to the table. Their website or paperwork should tell you how many years they have been in business. You may want to ask for referrals. If your lawn does not look healthy, you may want to ask if they provide services for diagnosing and treating insects, fungus and weed overgrowth. Think about asking for a treatment plan or contract from your lawn mowing service so that you are aware of when certain items are done.