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What Types Of Grass Grow Best in Norfolk Massachusetts?


There are a few variables that determine what types of grass grow best in Massachusetts. The amount of sun your lawn gets, how much shade you have, if you have well drained or wet soil, and how much maintenance you plan are all factors in deciding what types you should choose if you want to grow grass. Three main grasses are recommended for homeowners in Massachusetts: Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and fine fescue. If you have soil with a high pH, or particularly salty soil (located near roadways or exposed to salt spray,) then consider planting Alkali grass which is good for high or low maintenance. The following information contains the percentages of grass types you should plant based on sun exposure and soil condition.

Planting Grass Blend Percentage for a Sunny Medium- to High-Maintenance Lawn:

  • 65-75% Kentucky bluegrass
  • 10-20% perennial ryegrass
  • 15% fine fescue

Planting Grass Blend Percentage for a Sunny Low-Maintenance Lawn:

  • 65% fine fescue
  • 10-20% perennial ryegrass
  • The remaining percentage Kentucky bluegrass

Planting Grass Blend Percentage for a Shaded and Well-Drained Lawn:

  • 80-90% fine fescue
  • 10-20% perennial ryegrass


  • 80% shade-tolerant Kentucky bluegrass
  • 20% perennial ryegrass

Planting Grass Blend Percentage for a Shaded and Wet Lawn:

  • 70% “Sabre” rough Bluegrass
  • 30% shade-tolerant Kentucky bluegrass.

Other factors may influence what type of grass seed you need for your turf, when you should plant it, and where the seed should be spread. If you need help cultivating your lawn, or you just want to grow grass that spreads evenly and beautifully across your yard, then contact a lawn care professional for a consultation and quote today.