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Knowing what kind of soil you have in your yard will help you determine what types of seed to put down when you want to grow grass. Soil that has the ideal nutrients, is aerated, and drains well is the best for growing a healthy lawn, but if you have certain challenges (poor drainage or high pH), you may need to plant a different type or blend of grass seed. If you do not have the time or are intimidated by having your soil tested and adjustments made to it if needed, you should consult a lawn care professional for help in making your grass look its best.

Other Types of Grass

If your yard is made up of mostly sunny and well-drained areas, Kentucky bluegrass might be the best grass for you. Another grass that does well in these conditions is perennial ryegrass, which establishes itself quickly in your turf. If you want to plant a grass that is drought and heat tolerant, consider planting tall fescues.

Grass Blends for Home Use

Using a blended mix of grass seed is ideal for home use because it generally allows you to grow grass in many different soil conditions. If you have a shaded and well-drained lawn, you could consider a mix of fine fescue and perennial ryegrass. Another blend is also available for these conditions that includes shade-tolerant Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass. If your lawn is shaded and the soil tends to be wet, consider planting a blend of “Sabre” rough Bluegrass and shade-tolerant Kentucky bluegrass.