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Spring lawn care Tip –   Over-seeding

Happy Spring!

Just a quick Tip as we attack our spring clean ups this spring.  We have been fielding many questions about lawn over-seeding.  Situations like excess snow damage, bare spots due to neglect, snow mold, compaction and shade are all situations that might be in need of a little TLC before the season hits full swing.

If the situation is dire and you must address the areas this spring, spend sufficient time preparing the soil by loosening or topdressing a few inches deep, seeding heavily and spreading a slow release fertilizer.  In 4-6 weeks after germination apply another application of a starter fertilizer to continue and encourage steady growth.

You can properly loosen the soil by using a variety of garden tools i.e. steel rake, cultivators, hoes etc.   Any tool that will break up the existing soil so you can then rake it smooth to create a nice seed bed.  Topdressing can be achieved by purchasing some soil or soil/compost mix and spreading it generously over the areas to be renovated.  Removing any existing vegetation prior to topdressing will keep a more level lawn.

Although, I would recommend seeding in late summer /early fall, seeding in the spring is worth the shot if the spots are unbearable.  If you can wait until the recommended season you have an increased amount of time for establishment and less competition with weeds.