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Which is best for me?:

In this article I will list the pro’s and con’s of Snow Plowing and Snow Blowing.  The Snow industry is challenging and I have had first hand experience from high-end shopping plaza’s to residential driveways and everything in between.  I have operated most equipment and had been faced with extreme circumstances on many occasions.  I believe you can do the best work by aligning the right equipment for each unique application

I am going to list the pros and cons of each so you can make an eduated decision on which route is best for you.


  • You can move through the route quickly
  • Trucks can handle a lot of snow
  • Trucks/plows are very reliable


  • Plows are limited to where to put snow
  • Heavy snow years you will need to have snow relocated
  • Blocks visability at the ends of driveways
  • Difficult to see.  Period.
  • Heavy snow years require the truck to “push back” the piles to make more room.  extra charge.
  • Lawn Damage (usually)

Snow Blowing


  • You have a lot of options on where to put snow
  • No need to drive on the lawn
  • GREAT visabliity – safer for everyone
  • Very reliable and effecient
  • No need for relocation on heavy snow years
  • Clean bankings


  • Still trying to figure this one out… check back.


Thanks for taking the time to have a look.  Here is a video showcasing the work of a snowblower in action


If you are interested in Snowblowing please follow this link!  snow-pricing