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When I think of simple landscaping it reminds me of Nature.  A simple landscape is one that survives without the need of our constant inputs.

As days seem shorter and the world more complex I am frequently asked by clients about how to create simple landscapes.  While the need for simplicity and lower maintenance landscapes are popular here are some thoughts to consider.

  • Create a simple design using the forest as a model.
  • Use plant material suited for the site and with little maintenance requirements.  Plants that need minimal inputs.  Have clean and clear cut appearances and are native to the site.
  • Keep the movement through the landscape effortless, undemanding and straightforward.  Consider soft textured plants that have wispy characteristics and look good year round.
  • Minimize the volume of plant material in a simple landscape to keep the look and feel uncomplicated.
  • Use the tranquil sound of a simple water garden to create repose.
  • Mulch with recycled yard waste to return nutrients to the soil and plants.

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