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Mulching: Can you give me 5 reasons why Landscape management professionals do it?


I was pondering early this morning about my latest blog Idea. I was thinking of innovative ways to train the men on the importance behind the services we provide, or why we do what we do. Giving them this education helps everyone involved. I realized that I do have an informal way of training by quizzing them from time to time.

Each year as the spring season brings about all of natures wonders our Landscape crews gear up to prepare your landscapes for the upcoming months. Mulching is one of our signature landscape services that are in high demand that time of year. I’ll annually quiz my crew members each year when we begin the bulk of our Landscape Service residential landscape bed/garden mulching.

Typically I will ask them to give me 5 reasons why we visit these homes every spring and Mulch their gardens.

Here are the answers I am looking for.

1. Suppresses unwanted vegetation
2. Insulates the soil and root zones of the plants for the winter
3. Aesthetics
4. Maintains soil moisture
5. Keeps the soil cooler during the summer months

When we understand the importance of what we do… our job becomes more than just a job.