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If you are trying to grow grass in shaded areas of your yard, there are five tips you should consider when working to make these areas look their best. Understanding the negative effects shade can have on your lawn and taking action will improve the overall look of your yard and home. Take a look at the following suggestions.

  • Light is essential for the turf, so managing overhang in shady areas is necessary. This will help grasses grow better by letting the proper amount of sun reach the turf. (approximately 4 hours of sunlight)
  • Be aware of root competition in the soil under a tree (or other plants). Find out about the cultural practices that help to grow grass better in these areas under these conditions.
  • Maintaining trees and shrubs properly over time by pruning and thinning is another way to make sure your grass grows evenly across the yard and thrives.
  • You have access to turf grass choices that are shade tolerant for establishing a lawn or filling in weak areas.
  • If the Shade is too dense, consider an alternative option i.e. Ground cover or a Patio!

If you do not have the time or ability to work these tips into your lawn maintenance routine, then consider getting a quote from a landscape professional. They have different packages available for lawn care and managing your landscape.