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1. Why do we aerate and over-seed lawns?

  • Aeration is great for the lawn
  • Great renovation technique
  • It promotes oxygen to the root zone
  • Breaks up the thatch layer for increased nutrient and water exchange
  • Relieves compacted soils
  • Over-seeding Introduces new grass varieties to the lawn
  • Thickens up lawns to crowd out weeds and help control erosion

2. When do we aerate and over-seed lawns?

  • In September, this month has historically great grass growing temperatures and cool nights
  • When the grass is gathering momentum into the fall growing season

3. How do we aerate and over-seed??

  • With a piece of equipment called a core-aerator
  • The machine mechanically pulls cores from the soil
  • We then over-seed the lawn heavily followed by an organic fertilizing

If the lawn is in GREAT need of repair and the soil is depleted we accompany this service with a top-dressing of compost to add rich organic matter and nutrients to the soil.

Whether we have had a tough year with drought, significant amount of rain or a normal season we recommend aeration and over-seeding. This maintenance practice should be incorporated into all lawn care programs to lessen the need for chemical interference by continuing to thicken up the lawn to crowd out weeds. A thick healthy lawn is the best defense against pests, disease or weeds.